Williamsburg Virginia Property Management

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Maintenance Request

Submit online request for routine maintenance only. Call 757-229-6810 for all emergencies.

Please try these things before placing a request:

HEAT Oil: Try reset button on furnace and make sure there is oil in the tank

Gas: Make sure the gas is in your name. If not, call the gas company. Make sure the switch on wall by furnace (which is usually red) is in the "On" position. Check to make sure the pilot light is lit.

Heat Pump: Make sure you change the filter regularly. Try emergency/Suppl. button or flipping the circuit breaker.
A/C Make sure you change the filter regularly. If it is leaking, turn A/C off!!!

Please answer on request form: "Is it not blowing or just not cooling?"
HOT WATER HEATER Electric: Try circuit breakers

Gas: Try lighting the pilot light
APPLIANCES Make sure the appliance is plugged in all the way.

Please answer on the request form "What is the brand"?

Dishwasher: If leaking, do not use until fixed.

If you find you need further assistance, please click here to submit a maintenance request